Dalton, Walton, & amp; Carlton, Inc. company analyzation



Review the attached Case Study. (You may remember this firm from other classes.)  You have been called in to evaluate the physical security structure of the company in the case study. 

CYBR 510 Case study.pdf 

In one Word or PDF document, analyze and explain the following:

  • Provide an executive summary of your findings regarding the protective controls in place and your recommendations.
  • List and explain three areas the case study company does well for the physical protection of it's facilities and infrastructure.  One of these areas should include deterrence.
  • List and explain three areas the case study company needs improvement on the physical protection of it's infrastructure.  Identify if the weakness is a threat or a vulnerability. 
  • Provide and explain at leastthree (3) techniquesthat would improve securityof the facility's physical design.

For this week, only evaluate and recommend protective and deterrent controls.

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