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We all know that databases supply the fuel for the productivity engine in the information age, but at what cost - i.e. what effort is required to initially build (design, implement, and populate with data) in a database in your corporate (where you work now or have worked in the past) and personal databases (resources – dollars or people hours and the DBMS software; (I am not concerned in this unit with maintaining the data by DBA(s) or functions performed by DBA(s) or efforts to input data on an ongoing basis by users – only the initial database build effort)? Getting this quantitative information may be difficult, but I want you to provide at least an estimate if historical records are not available)? Provide this information for either one example of a personal database, or one example of a corporate database that you are familiar with. Even if you are not experienced with databases yourself, the idea is to go find out about the resources/effort needed to initially design and build a database. For those of you in the military, if you use one of your database systems, make sure the information is releasable. And for those who will interview someone to get the information to answer this question, make sure you provide a personal reference for that person (see the course FAQs for examples [include name, position, organization, etc.).

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