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The next issue that caused to the delay in production of the Dreamliner 787 is due to poor documentation, oversight, integration & supplier capabilities. Design change to commercial airplanes such as the 787 Dreamliner often has to be made to improve efficiency of the blueprint, in order to meet new regulations and addressing customer demands. The process is rigid and involves participation of several representatives in the supply chain. Miscommunication in the design change process lead to a series of incidents. Assembly work was found to be completed incorrectly only after assemblies reached the final assembly lines. This is due to the levels of outsourcing and integration with no proper management team with the right amount of expertise and experience. It made the overall control went haywire with multiple working styles and perspectives. Even though brainstorming with multiple parties' involvement is good, somehow for a brand new process to be implemented, it is easy to get processes synchronized and aligned at its early stage itself.

Initial expectations of cost reduction for fuel and overhead expenses, failed to be implemented as the Dreamliner 787 Project were focusing mainly on skill set rather than cost minimization. On the other hand being an immature, known as first timer in outsourcing process, Boeing might discover some unexpected consequences via this implementation. Generally, a radical change is not advisable for an inexperienced process as the risk factor can be high. And these risk factors are highly associated with hidden costs that might incur during the alliance of outsourcing companies, such as supply chain network in this scenario.

Lacking of raw materials such as permanent titanium fasteners become another aspect for Dreamliner project’s failure. Without proper raw materials and relative products from airline industries, it not only will affect the quality control matters, but contribute towards a bad image name, reputation for a well-established airline firm. The core competencies, a component of competitive advantage shall be affected in larger scale.

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