Describe how the servicescapes differ across the shops



Individual activities – MKT 208- 15 marks

A) Situational influences- Chapter 13

1. Visit two coffee shops in your area. Describe how the services capes differ across the shops.

Why do you think these differences exist? (5 marks)

2. Describe the consumption rituals your family has associated with three ritual situations

from your own culture. (5 marks)

B) Cultural Influences- The J& J case (5 marks)


Johnson & Johnson is a global market leader when it comes to Baby products including Wipes

& Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Powder, and Moisturizer) 

Situation: A recent accusation was raised against J& J highlighting that their products contain

Talcum Powder which contains cancerous substances which later on reflect onto the baby after

usage. This accusation was scientifically proven to be FALSE. However, the effect of worldwide

media negatively impacted the general perception of consumers & thus, is still resulting in J& J

shares decline.

One vital market where this accusation was blown out of proportion in India. The average Indian

the consumer is believed to avoid any J& J product today as a result of the false news.

Task: You are the product manager of the affected products in J& J, propose and describe an

advertising message that can provide a long-lasting, sustainable solution in the UAE in order to

bring back the faith of the Indian consumer and win them over again from competitors

considering the Indian cultural values.

HINT: A good example would be the way Coca Cola advertisements & commercials appeal to

sympathy & emotions, giving consumers the perception that they care on a personal level. It is

also worth it to consider the parent’ experience with the J& J products since their mothers used

the same products on them when they were babies and kids.

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