Describe one kind of software or technique used in software that you think is innovative



Describe one kind of software or technique used in software that you think is innovative, like an invention, for which patent protection might be appropriate. What policy for Internet access and use of filter software do you think is appropriate for elementary schools and for high schools? Discuss the reasons. A major business newspaper ran a full-page article telling people how to get around restrictions on computer use at work. For example, the article told how to get to Web sites that the employer’s filters blocked, how to install software the employer did not approve, how to check one’s personal email from work if the employer’s system blocked it, and so on. Discuss the ethics of using these techniques. A hacker group stole client credit card numbers from a security firm and used them to make donations to charities. Part of the purpose of the hack was to demonstrate the weakness of security at the firm. Analyze the ethics of this incident. Professional baseball players are not allowed to “trash talk” their opponents in public—for example, at press conferences and in interviews. A team reprimanded a player for tweeting disparaging remarks about an opponent. Is it reasonable for the team to include Twitter in the prohibition on trash talk? Is prohibiting remarks on Twitter a violation of the player’s freedom of speech? Do you have another interpretation or analysis of the situation?

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