Describe the difference between “known risks” and “predictable risks." Consider this from a global perspective.

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This assignment will be completed in two parts. First, write a 3-4 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page) responding to the prompts below. Please use the APA Sample provided in the student resources to complete your assignment.

  1. Describe the difference between “known risks” and “predictable risks." Consider this from a global perspective.

    You’ve been asked to build software to support a low-cost video editing system. The system accepts digital video as input, stores the video on disk, and then allows the user to do a wide range of edits to the digitized video. The result can then be output to DVD or other media. Research systems of this type and then make a list of and describe in details the technology risks that you would face as you begin a project of this type.

    What are “emergent requirements” and why do they present a challenge to software engineers? Consider these from a global business perspective.

Testing Analysis

Explain the process used to analyze the data from testing. There are numerous methods that may be used to test and thus, the analysis hinges on the testing method used. The severity of each usability issue found must be prioritized with recommendations for solutions. It is rarely possible to meet all of the original requirements due to unexpected events or advancing insight. However, during the analysis, the most frustrating parts of the system should be identified and improved to support the user.

Ongoing Maintenance, Risk Analysis, and Implications

Develop a risk mitigation strategy and specific risk mitigation activities for three risks.

How would you determine P4 through P7 in the cost-benefit model presented in the text in Section 36.9?

The laws that Lehman and his colleagues have defined are an inherent part of a software engineer’s reality. Which of these laws do you think will affect your software project?

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