Describe the drug testing program you would implement. Would you include random drug testing? Why or why not?



1st part

Answers the following questions:

Imagine you are the owner of a 300-employee construction firm. 

1a.       Describe the drug testing program you would implement.  Would you include random drug testing?  Why or why not?

1b.       Discuss the elements of a comprehensive safety program for this Company.

2.          The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires classification of employees as either exempt or non-exempt.  Discuss the requirements for classifying employees as exempt, and the reasons many employees are mis-classified.  Why is mis-classification an issue for employees, employers, government agencies and attorneys?

3.          After reading Joy, Inc (and visiting Menlo Innovations, if you did), what are your areas of skepticism or questions about their culture.  Is theirs a transferable culture model?  Why or why not?

4.     Suppose you are the HR person leading the planning for your organization's Holiday party/employee event.  Detail your planning considerations.




2nd part

An old friend contacted me recently. He is about to retire from a manufacturing company where he has worked for over 30 years.

He indicated that he is leaving with a "sour taste in his mouth". He told me that four (full) years ago, his position was reclassified from a management position to a non-management graded position.
At the time, he was told that he would be "grandfathered" as a manager so that he would not suffer any negative effects.

However, he indicated that it instead of receiving his normal raise each year, he received an annual lump sum payment (of the same amount).  He feels that this did impact him financially and therefore is leaving his company feeling very negative.

Assuming that he was making $100,000 per year and would have received a 2.5% raise each year (for four years)-USE FOUR FULL YEARS) (which he instead received as a lump sum each year), calculate his total loss (wages only-do not consider pension or benefit impacts or any intangibles). Show your work.  This portion of the question is worth five points.

Please note: question 2 won't be considered if the calculations in question 1 are incorrect.

What advice would you have given him if you were me? Should he complain? If so, to who?  Should he contact an attorney? Does he have a legitimate legal claim?  Why or why not.  This portion of the question is also worth five points.

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