Diagram a basic network structure and explain the flow of communications across the network

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Use your LabSim notes and one or more additional sources to complete one Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, times new Roman, size 12 font that contains a title page, table of contents page, introduction, research findings and reference page for the Course Project.  Page count = title page (1-page), table of contents (1-page), introduction and research findings (6-page minimum), and references (1-page).  All of your Research Findings sections should have their own graphical representations and a conclusion.  Each conclusion must highlight the key points in terms of why each topic matters to society or modern business.  Do not hit the minimum page count and think your lucubration is finished and adequate enough for the grade of ‘A.’ The page count is not graded.  The quality of your discourse will be graded.  The Research Findings section of your Course Project shall explain and discuss the following topics:

--Fundamental networking concepts, components, and functionality.
--Role of each OSI layer and the role of each TCP/IP network model.
--Addressing and naming schemes
--Devices and media necessary for network communications.
--Diagram a basic network structure and explain the flow of communications across the network.
--Commonly used network analysis tools.
--Role of Cisco's IOS, some commonly used IOS commands and the classes of devices that have Cisco's IOS embedded.
--Network topologies, standards, and protocols.

The goal of this course is to give students the basic knowledge of computing and networking. Computer networks are the basic tenets of PC Networking professionals.

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