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Digital business is driving ''big changes'', within the next few years, the relationship between humans and machines will continue to grow, and changing the customer outcomes for the better and Gartner is predicting big change.just by 2018, 'digital business will require 50% fewer process workers and 500% more key digital business jobs, compared with traditional models (Gartner, 2014). The majority of online shopping will be performed by the use of phones, and this mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenues in us to 50% of us digital commerce revenue (Gartner, 2014). in the near future, cell phones and technology will save companies 30% in total cost of ownership. if you think about it in the past ten years companies have made a huge improvement by using E-commerce and E-business, also by using technology which only continues to advance Gartner's top predictions are grouped as such: machines are taking a more active role in enhancing human endeavors. digitalized things are making assisted economic decisions renovating the customer experience is a digital priority

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