Directions After completing the Unit 1 Lab Assignment respond to the following questions

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Directions: After completing the Unit 1 Lab Assignment, respond to the following questions. Use this template to answer the questions. Submit your lab report as instructed by your instructor. What is the easiest and preferred method of manipulating OSPF route costs? (Lab What does the default-information originate command do for a network using the OSPF routing protocol? (Lab Why is it a good idea to use OSP authentication? (Lab Why is it a good practice to use wildcard masks when advertising networks? (Lab What do you feel is the greatest benefit of using EIGRP? (Lab What are the benefits of summarizing routes? (Lab When setting EIGRP timers, why is it important to make the hold time value equal to or greater than the Hello interval? (Lab Why is it important to configure authentication when using EIGRP? (Lab How can the auto-summary command create routing issues in EIGRP? (Lab Why might you want to change the EIGRP Hello and Hold time intervals on an interface? (Lab

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