Discuss some aspect of the tension between nationalism and globalization.

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- The Challenge of Globalization


8 pages (4000 words):  12 font Time new Roman 1.5 space.

Select one topic to write about for your final writing assignment

Topic 1: Discuss some aspect of the tension between nationalism and globalization.

For this topic you might focus your paper on:

·         The privatization of culture in South Africa, and expectations about market growth based on your understanding of the South African context while relying on,and foregrounding your own business experience.

o    Focus on one aspect of South African cultural markets (film, music, visual art, literature, etc.) rather than speaking to the whole market system. Bring in personal business experience insofar as it is relevant to the analysis of the South African market system.

·         The tension between making or performing the arts for the new nation and/or for international audiences. Who is making what for whom? The problem of "voice".

o    Focus on one or two examples rather than speaking generally throughout the paper.

·         The issue of how global influences are successfully (or unsuccessfully) appropriated to the South African context and inflected by it.

o    Bring in your own business experience of global influences on the production process and the nature of products (commodities) if you have that kind of experience.

·         Another question of your choosing and please feel free to consult the instructor in formulating this question.

You may use any texts relevant to your choice of topic. Feel free to take advice from the instructor about sources, refinement of your topic, whatever.


Due on Monday 30th, 2029 by 11:59PM EST.

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