Discuss the theoretical perspectives associated with the lesson plans

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Introductory Resource Portfolio

This assignment meets 2009 CACREP Standards: K3, L1, M6, and O2; 2016 CACREP Standards SC. 2b, 2l, 3c, 3k, 3m; 2. F 1g.

This final assignment and course project is designed to help you develop resources that will contribute to your understanding of the school counselor working in a comprehensive school counseling program. The annotated bibliography you submitted in Unit 3 and the interview you submitted in Unit 6, will facilitate the process of developing the five required elements for this final project. This project provides you with a foundation to continue building upon throughout the remainder of your program.

Include the following in your Introductory Resource Portfolio assignment:

Cover letter (1–2 pages): Compose a letter, using the Introductory Resource Portfolio-Cover Letter template, to the principal of the school district in which you would like to request an internship placement. Describe how you see your role and function as a school counseling intern. Describe your strengths in meeting the needs of the students in that particular school or school district. The letter can be written in the first person and does not require any secondary references.

Credentialing requirements: Provide a one-page document outlining the professional organizations, preparation standards, and credentials that are relevant to the practice of school counseling.

Sample guidance lesson plan: Design a developmentally appropriate sample guidance lesson plan that includes a minimum of three detailed lessons. Use the Sample Guidance Plan Template to complete this portion of the assignment. In a 2–3 paragraph introduction, provide an overview of the following:

Describe the population of students you will be working with.

Discuss the theoretical perspectives associated with the lesson plans.

Identify which of the three domains (academic, personal-social, or career) you will be addressing. 

Be sure to cite your resources and include a reference page, along with the complete lesson plans.

PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 5 slides): Use a PowerPoint presentation to explain how you see your role as a counselor, and describe what stakeholders can expect from you in a school counseling position. Note: This might be something you could present to parents and other stakeholders, to introduce yourself.

Overview of peer mediation (minimum of 1–2 pages): Use the Introductory Resource Portfolio: Peer Mediation Template to complete this portion of the assignment. Provide an overview of peer mediation, peer helping, peer mentoring, or peer tutoring programs you would consider implementing in the school where you would like to conduct your internship. Focus on the prevention program that you feel might work best with the school you are considering for your internship. Be sure to properly cite your resources.

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