Terkel, Studs. Interview with Jonathan Eig. “Grandma, Grandpa: Tell It Like It Was.” Catholic Digest

general article writing


Reading responses for Terkel’s and Alexander’s articles prove understanding of the articles’ content and application to the profile essay (#1 Assignment) (15 points).

This is what should be answered from the articles, address each question in the response individually. 

Reading Response Prompts:

Answer each prompt for one of the assigned readings for the week.
What did you learn about yourself as a result of this selection? In other words, what did you bring to the reading? What memories from your life experiences made you think about yourself and what the author is conveying in the selection? (This response is not a summary, nor am I asking you to agree or disagree with the writer.)
What one quote had the greatest impact on you? Don’t just write the quote down. Also, write a few sentences that explain why the quote was important to you.
What question(s) do you have for the author? What don’t you understand about the selection?
If you were to lead an in-class discussion on the selection, how would you begin this discussion? What question(s) would you ask your classmates in order to stimulate discussion?

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