Human Nature assignment

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Page Requirements: This is to be a 3-5 page essay on human nature. In this paper, you should discuss theories of two or three philosophers which we have discussed in class.  You should incorporate into your paper some key ideas and central points made by at least two articles (Human All Too Human by Friedrich Nietzsche & Existentialism, Humanism, and Bad Faith by Jean-Paul Sartre) which have been assigned; parenthetical notation will be sufficient for citing any sources contained in our textbook. Outside sources, if used, must be properly cited.  If no outside sources are used, then no bibliography is needed.

Page Format: Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font Times Roman, with one inch margins and pages numbered.  Label your paragraphs Introduction, Reason 1, Reason 2, Objection, Reply to Objection and Conclusion.

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