The Warm Cold Variable in First Impressions of Persons

general article writing


Assignment 6a

The Warm Cold Variable in First Impressions of Persons

Please read the description of this study on pg. 165 in the text before reading the article and

answering these questions. Remember that this study was published in 1950, so some of the

language will seem quite foreign.

In your own words:

1. What was the main hypothesis of this study?

2. The research design?

3. The variables?

4. The main conclusions?

5. The author says the findings are not due the halo effect, which is our tendency to rate

someone favorably on all traits if we like them. What evidence does he give for this?

6. How do the conclusions of this study relate to schemas that we examined in chapter 2?

7. What questions or comments do you have about this study?

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