Argument Paper.

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The Argumentative Paper is here at last! In this paper, find an argument that appeals to you in

One way or another, take a position on it, and explain in this five-page paper. While you are

allowed to choose the topic for the argumentative paper, I retain the right of Professorial Veto. If

I believe you have chosen a topic that is too biased, too overdone, or one that just isn’t really

doable in terms of source availability, then you must pick another topic.

For this paper, you must be considerate to both sides of the issue, even though you must take a

side and argue that stance. Papers that hedge or take a “Both sides have good points” thesis are

not going to pass. You must pick a side, and you must stick to that side throughout the paper,

even as you explore the opponent’s side of the argument.

Due to the opinionated nature of this assignment, I expect a certain amount of opinion in this

paper. My rule about 1 st and 2 Nd person pronouns stands firm, however. You can state a case

without using the words “I think,” etc., etc. And although you are allowed your own opinions in

this paper, and are able to freely voice them, keep in mind that I expect politeness throughout

this assignment. Papers that contain hate speech, unmitigated fury, or distasteful language will be

marked down. As college students, I expect all of you to be polite and respectful to your

Opponents throughout writing this paper.


 5 pages in length

Both sides must be accurately portrayed in this paper (no straw man rhetoric)

At least one or two paragraphs that accurately describe your opponent’s side and why

They believe as they do

Clear, strong thesis

5-7 reliable sources (no Wikipedia; no sources that are extremely biased). At least one or

Two of these sources must be from an opposing side!

  •  Engaging introduction that successfully explains the argument at hand
  • At least two quotations from sources
  • MLA format

Paper Topics that will automatically get a Professorial Veto because they are overdone and you

are so much smarter than this:

  • Abortion
  • Gay marriage
  • School uniforms

Argumentative Paper

Whether or not we should lower the drinking age/smoking age/driving age

 Who would make a better president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Due: Thursday, October 26 via Blackboard


 Written and signed the honor code?

 Double-checked OWL Purdue to make sure your Works Cited is current?

 Spelled your name and your professor’s name correctly?

 Made sure your paper is in Times New Roman font, size 12, and not some other, lesser


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