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We will not have a final exam in this class.  Instead we will have a final project that will

assess what you have learned in the class.

There are 3 parts to the final project:

1. Topic - You are to pick a topic for your final project before the end of week 3 and submit it

to the proper folder.  No two students will be allow to have the same topic; therefore, first

come first served.  The final paper potentially will not be accepted unless part one is turned

in.  See "FINAL PROJECT" below to see how to pick a topic.

2. (Optional) Outline and Resources - You are to turn in an outline and resource list for your

project before the end of week 5 and submit it to the proper folder.  Part two will not be

accepted unless part one is turned in.

3. Final Paper - you are to turn in the final paper before the end of week 8 and submit it to

the proper folder.  

FINAL PROJECT: Your assignment is to write a 3-5 page research paper on one of the

following: (a) an important film director, (b) a specific film, or (c) the development of a particular

element of film making.  The description of each of these options is below.

Description of Project

(a) You should select a director who was active (directed more than 3 movies) during the

time period of 1950 - 2000.  In your term paper, give me the basic details of the

director's life and career. Identify some of the director's most important films. What

honors and awards did the director receive? Provide a sampling of critical opinion about

the director's work (i.e. film reviews or articles). View at least two films by your director

and comment on them (one of them can be a film you would have watched previously

for the class). Do not summarize any plots. Write about how this director used the

following in these films: Editing (montage), Sound and Music, Cinematography, Special

Camera Work (steady cam, hand held, optical effects), Special Effects (this can include

stunt work).

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