Ethical Dilemmas Assignment

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Reflection Paper Assignment: Ethical Dilemma

Paper Topic: Ethical dilemmas are an unfortunate part of human life. Studying these moral

conflicts and our responses to them, however, can provide deep ethical insight. Your paper

assignment is to critically reflect upon a significant moral dilemma you have faced in the past.

What was the nature of the ethical conflict, and how did you respond? Your paper should

include a BRIEF description of the ethical dilemma in question, addressing the following:

Who were the key parties involved?

What were the core features of the conflict?

Why did this constitute an ETHICAL dilemma?

After outlining the dilemma, provide a thoughtful analysis of your response at the time:

How did you attempt to resolve the moral conflict?

What was the basis or rationale for your decision?

Would you respond to this situation differently today? Why or why not?

Requirements: Papers (typed, double-spaced, with 12 point font, in paragraph form) should be

approximately 3 pages in length (3 1/2 pages maximum!), and must be submitted

electronically via the Digital Dropbox for our class on Falcon Online. Late papers will

receive an automatic score of “fail.” This paper is designed to be an exercise in critical self-

examination. The views expressed should be yours alone. The use of outside references

(secondary literature; online resources; other individuals, including classmates; etc.) is strictly

prohibited. Any violation of this policy, plagiarism, or any other incidence of academic

dishonesty (see Academic Dishonesty section of the Student Handbook), will result in a score of

“fail” for the assignment.

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