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1.3 - Discussion: Is it just a BYO “D” revolution that’s happening today? Or is something else going on as well?

Both of our textbooks – and the design of this course – want to help you challenge many of the time-tested “business as usual” practices that we use to organize, manage, lead, control, evaluate, direct, and actually do real work. One point of view might be that the explosive growth in the personal, mobile, wearable computing market is that these devices, and the ways that they can interconnect with other systems, are both the cause and the focus of the revolution.

Another might be that it is instead a change of attitudes, ideas and desires about the nature of work, the power of information in work, that is causing and driving the revolution; the market success of the gadgets, this view might say, is because people want to make these changes happen, and not principally because they like and want the gadgets.

There might be other views on this. What’s yours? 

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