Distributed System Project Management Plan



Scenario: Developing a distributed system can be complex. There are usually many components that must be acquired or developed, and each area of the system must communicate with other parts of the system. It is important to understand the major tasks involved and create a plan for the development of the system.

For this assignment, you will develop a project plan which includes detailed level tasks, duration of each task creating an overall project timeline and identify the resources needed to complete the project. You will also modify your consultant’s analysis report to address any new issues you discover.

The following are the project deliverables:

Complete the following sections:

(Section 1) Resources

1. List the resources required for the project including personnel, hardware, software, and any other resources necessary to complete the development of the project.
2. The personnel resources should be categorized by job function.
3. Resources must be assigned to each detailed level task.
4. Costs should be assigned to all resources.
1. Identify the major deliverables/tasks for the project.
2. Determine the detailed tasks necessary to complete each deliverable/major task.
3. Determine the duration of each detailed level task to build a complete project plan which will include the overall timeline and duration of the project.
1. Identify the primary security risks and threats  your distributed system might face. 
2. Research and include threats such as  phishing, Internet scams, etc.
3. Determine the severity level of the risks and threats in terms of likelihood and impact on the business.
4. Based on the likelihood and impact of the security threats, determine the order in which threats should be addressed, and prepare an action plan to reduce the impact of each risk/threat listed in priority order.
1. Summarize the resource requirements for the  system required for implementation. 
2. These resources should include development  costs if the system is internally developed or acquisition costs if it is an  externally developed system.
3. Assign costs to all resources.
4. Identify short- and long-term benefits to the organization in financial terms.
5. Compare and contrast the costs and benefits.
6. Provide conclusions and recommendations to the client.

(Section 2) Timeline

(Section 3) Security

(Section 4) Final Analysis

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