Does American society value technical education and/or blue-collar careers?



Writing Assignment 3: Making an Argument


Using the techniques described in chapters 1-11 and 15, write a paper in which you make an argument about higher education. You should choose ONE of the questions below:


  1. Does American society value technical education and/or blue-collar careers? 
  2. Is a college education worth the cost?
  3. Does it make more sense to choose a community/state college like PBSC or a 4-year university?
  4. Choose your own topic (subject to approval)


Note: If you choose a topic without prior approval, you will earn a 0 for the assignment.


Your thesis statement will be your answer to one of these questions. You MUST pick a side on your chosen topic – make an argument and support it throughout your paper. Your paper should also include 1 paragraph of counterargument: Present a possible counterargument and refute it.


The support for your argument MUST come from 3 essays in the textbook and/or the They Say, I Say Blog. These essays should come from the topic “Is College the Best Option?” (Chapter 17 in the textbook). Your paper should include specific quotes/examples from your ALL of your chosen essays. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESEARCH SOURCES.


Additional Details:

Be sure to use in-text citations for ALL quotes and examples from the text.  In addition, you MUST have a Works Cited page at the end of your writing assignment.


ALL assignments must be submitted in proper MLA form.  For help with MLA style guidelines. Visit the Purdue OWL website and search for MLA: Purdue Online Writing Center (OWL).There are also resources posted at the “Start Here” link as well.


Your paper must be written in 3rd person, present tense, formal tone. Do not use first person (we, us, our) or second person (you, your, you’re), or "one" (one = you; who/what is "one"?). "I" can be used on rare occasions, but must not be followed by the words "think," "feel," or "believe." Unless a professor specifies otherwise, college-level papers should always be written in 3rd person, present tense, formal tone.


I am more interested in quality than quantity.  You may determine the length of your paper; however, make sure you do a thorough job of summarizing and supporting your ideas with evidence from the essay

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