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Responses should be at least 250 words, 1-2 full paragraphs, proofread, and clearly written. You should seek to make connections between and among the readings and other course materials. Attempt to highlight important ideas, events, and problems, and to connect these to the central issues of the course. You do not need to answer every question in the prompt, but try to provide a thorough answer. Outside research is welcome, but course texts must be the focus.  All sources must be cited in the Chicago/Turabian format with footnotes/endnotes.

1. Explain the central ideas behind the Domino Theory. You do not need to read the sections in the 1960s and 1970s to answer this question. How did the theory apply to Vietnam? More specifically, was it important for U.S. policymakers to call the Vietnamese "communists" or "Vietnamese"? Why?

Since I cannot provide the course readings to you, just use external SCHOLARLY journals or articles. 

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