Download, and to the same directory.

computer science


Quick Start 

1. Download, and to the same directory. 

2. Read and carefully.

 a. Compile and run the A2Tester program from the directory you downloaded the files to.

To compile: javac

To run: java A2Tester

3. Implement each method in, by repeating the following steps:

a. Uncomment a test in the corresponding method in 

b. Add stubs for the methods in 

NOTE: a stub is an empty method with only the signature and return value if there is one 

c. Compile and run to ensure your tests and stubs are correct 

d. Implement each method by completing the stub following the documentation within the .java file 

e. Compile and run (repeat steps d and e until all of your tests on the Date class pass) 

f. Add additional tests where needed, compile and run 

g. Repeat steps a-f for and

Submission and Grading 

CRITICAL: You must name the methods in the *.java files as specified in the documentation (shown in the UML above) and as used in or you will receive a zero grade for that method.

Submit ALL of the following files with your name and student ID at the top of each file using conneX: and and

If you chose not to complete some of the methods required, you must at least provide a stub for the incomplete method in order for our tester to compile. If you submit files that do not compile with our tester, you will receive a zero grade for the assignment. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow the specification and submit the correct files.

Your code must not be written to specifically pass the test cases in the testers, instead, it must work on all valid inputs. We will change the input values, add extra test and we will inspect your code for hard-coded solutions.

Be sure you submit your assignment, not just save a draft. ALL late and incorrect submissions will be given a ZERO grade.

A reminder that it is OK to talk about your assignment with your classmates, and you are encouraged to design solutions together, but each student must implement their own solution. We will use plagiarism detection software on your assignment submissions.  

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