Due date is Between: January 15 , 2020 – January 17, 2020 This is the absolute deadline.

computer science


This is your final Evaluation Assignment. It is worth 30 % of the Final Mark.


This is an individual work, but you may consult your teacher, your peers, and the web.

Due date is Between: January 15 , 2020 – January 17, 2020 This is the absolute deadline. No extensions are available. If you finish your assignment before the deadline, you can hand it in early; however, no extra marks will be given for early submissions.


You may choose any from the following:


  1. Christmas or Winter Vacation scene anywhere, in any country.
  2. Star wars / Spaceship game
  3. Sports Game (any) (multiplayer)
  4. Any other game/animation, approved by your teacher



You must meet the following requirements for full marks:


    • 4+ animations of your choice (or 2 complex ones)
    • User input (i.e. Keyboard/Mouse)
    • 2 original drawings made in Java Graphics (original or 2D)
    • Additional pictures may be imported
    • May import music (Bonus)
    • Can be Applet/Frame
    • Documentation (create user manual or user guide for the project, and comments)
    • Ensure all internal documentation is properly done
    • Final submission to include: Source code (.java) + Compiled (.class) files
    • Complete package outlining use (i.e. what each method does)
    • Presentation of a project (i.e. Gameplay)


You'll do your project in phases, with the following milestones:



Due date

Preliminary Design

Preliminary design document

Jan 8, 2020

Preliminary Release

Source code, spécifications, internal documentation

January 16, 2020

Final Release

Final design document, source code, specifications, user manual

January 16- January 18, 2020

In addition, there will be weekly meetings with your teacher during class time.



Here is what each of the deliverables should contain:

Preliminary design document:

Includes a basic description of the program (what it does). You should also include sketches of what your GUI will look like (if you draw by hand, make arrangements with your teacher for turning that sketch in) or take screenshots of the program.  

You should express your preliminary design in under 1-2 pages. Your document will be a subset of that described in the Final Project handout. You should include all parts, including your testing strategy and a reflection of your experience so far.

Final design document:

Include source code, internal documentation, the chart, screenshots (/sketches), and the description of what the program does. Any changes between the preliminary and final design should be noted and explained.

A standard user manual, intended for users not familiar with any of the course material. The better the design of the user interface of your client, the less you will need to explain in the user manual. 

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