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Please answer everything below and in original context


Application that is similar to uber and lyft but is for intoxicated people who need a ride home for them and there car. 

Additional Instructions for the Term:You will be required to write an 3-5 page technical design for an original mobile application.The mobile application needs to be an original idea for an application that does not exist. For the proposal you must provide a title and a three to four sentence description of your ideal mobile application.This week submit your mobile application proposal addressing the questions below:

  • What is the name of your original mobile application?
  • What is the target audience who will use your mobile application?
  • Is the purpose of your application to make a profit, to help humanity, or somewhere in between?
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Complete the following exercises below:Exercise 1.2: Enhancing ExpressivenessWhat features might a future mobile device have to help users express themselves more fully when communicating with another person in another location? Discuss the pros and cons of each proposed idea.Exercise 1.3: Gestures and  Large Screen InteractionImagine a large screen display that the presenter can interact with by using gestures. Instead of having to click a button or move a mouse they control the information being shown using body movements; but what should those movements be? What kind of sensor is sensing those movements?Design prototypegestures for the following types of control:

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