Effective workplace relationships



1000 words - Require Task 2&3 Only:

Assignment 1- effective workplace relationships

 In the Scenario provided internal management review feedback was collected and a number of communication and consultation issues were highlighted. Develop a feedback procedure to ensure ideas raised are dealt with promptly and appropriately. You must take into account the JKL Code of ethics and legislative requirements.

Code of ethics is in Appendix one Page 12

Legislative requirements are as per Australian National & state legislation

The procedure that you develop needs to include the following steps:

An issue or idea is raised

Acknowledging it and giving a time frame for return feedback

A procedure for dealing with the issue or giving to appropriate staff member ensuring the privacy of the complainant

A procedure to ensure a solution meets legislative requirements and code of ethics

A procedure for supplying feedback to the person who communicated the original issue

All answers must refer to the Business scenario as per attached appendix's.

i didn't get a chance to add task 3 to the description so I will add here:

Task 3
Explain how systems, policies, and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships focusing on interpersonal styles, communications, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, networking and conflict resolution.
Keeping in mind the following: To be effective they need to be implemented in the workplace. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee in say the Rentals Division and ask yourself are you going to bother reading systems, policies or procedures. To ensure that these tools work you need to ensure that they are providing: 

  •  A consistent message.
  •  Information to ensure that all staff is on the same page.
  • A feedback circle.
  •  Support to the Mission vision and values, i.e. working to a common goal.

Just keep in mind All answers must refer to the Business scenario as per attached appendix's.

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