Each component must be submitted by the due date at the topic approval, draft, and presentation stages, or the finished report will receive a grade of zero.



Research Project (40% of final grade)


This project is comprised of four components:

1. Research Topic (Mandatory)

2. Research Report Draft (5%)

3. Research Report (25%)

4. Short Presentation (10%)

Important: Each component must be submitted by the due date at the topic approval, draft, and presentation stages, or the finished report will receive a grade of zero.


Report Specifications


1)     Find a group. This project will be completed in groups of two. 

2)     Choose a topic. No two groups may have exactly the same topic! You may use the sample topics below. Either fill in the blanks or use them to guide your thinking on a new topic. Choose only one, or come up with your own.

                      I.        The best way to maintain privacy online is _________.

                     II.        Explain how information technology helps _______ (company) operate.

                    III.        The best way to maintain personal cybersecurity is _________.

                   IV.        Research and describe a situation in which artificial intelligence improved a company’s productivity within the last five years.

                    V.        Research and describe a situation in which a company’s social media presence has expanded its business within the past five years.

                   VI.        Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

                  VII.        Provide an overview of one company that needs to make better use of information systems to succeed in the modern world.

                 VIII.        Explain why it is an ethical responsibility for an IT professional to stay up-to-date on security techniques and technologies.

                   IX.        Explain why it is important for the average person to become more familiar with information technology.


3)     Submit your topic to your instructor for approval.


4)     Write a draft. Your draft will be a rough or unfinished version of your final report. It will be about 500 words long, will have all citations present, and will have at least one reference entry. You will receive feedback from your instructor and colleagues to help you refine the draft into the final product.


5)     Receive and provide feedback on drafts. You will submit your draft to Turnitin and bring it to class on day 11 or 12. You will receive feedback from your instructor. This is mandatory. You must also provide feedback on your colleagues’ work in order to receive full marks.


6)     Deliver a presentation based on your report to the class.


7)     Submit your report.


Your report should be a minimum of 700 words (with a maximum of 900). You will upload your final, completed report to the portal on Moodle on the designated due date. We will cover report writing in class.


As you are writing your report, you should be doing research to find information to use. For all information that you use in your report, you must include, at the end of your document, a references list and cite your sources in your text according to your APA style manual. Do not list every web page you looked at. Only list the pages from which you actually used information. You are required to have at least THREE unrelated sources.

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