The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have made significant progress on the research for your project.



Summary Research Report Assignment

Due: Summary Research Report must be uploaded to Blackboard by March 13th at 11:59 pm

Weight: Assignment is worth 10% of your final mark.




The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have made significant progress on the research for your project. The Summary Research Report will be an annotated bibliography in APA format, and it will capture a preliminary understanding of the research that you have completed so far.


Please note that the APA Reference Page entries can/should be reused for your formal report’s Reference Page.




The Summary Research Report will feature the following structure: you will list at least eight to ten (8-10) sources, written in their APA Reference Page entry format, and each entry will be followed by a brief summary (100-200 words) of the main ideas of the source. Make sure that the summaries are well-paraphrased, and that you do not use quotes or the original text. In other words, the summaries should be in your own words.


In each summary, you will include the correct in-text citation. The sources can be print, electronic or in-person, but they will be appropriate and relevant. In other words, they should follow the guidelines mentioned in our library session. If you have any questions or concerns about the validity of your sources, please check with me first.


Follow the formatting for APA References Pages. If you have forgotten, the OWL Purdue website and the Seneca APA website have some examples. Please note: most of the samples on the Internet do not include an APA in-text citation in the summary; you will need to include an APA in-text citation in each summary so that I can ensure that you know how to do it. Consult the attached rubric for further details.


Please note that any plagiarism can result in a mark of 0%.















Summary Research Report Rubric (Value: 10% of Final Mark)


VG = Very Good: it was completed, and it was done very well

ME = Meets Expectations: It was completed, and it is competent.

NI = Needs Improvement: it’s getting there, but needs further work

IN = Incomplete or missing: component is not included.



Sources                                                                                                 /10


Are eight to ten relevant sources listed?                               IN       NI       ME          VG


Are the sources credible?                                                    IN       NI       ME          VG


Summaries                                                                                            /50


Is each source followed by a summary of the source of approximately 100-200 words?                                                                                                   IN          NI       ME     VG


Does each summary provide an objective overview of what the source is about? Are the main ideas from each source captured?

                                                                                          IN       NI       ME          VG


Do the summaries avoid inessential details and opinion?       IN       NI       ME          VG


Are the summaries well-paraphrased/avoid quotes?              IN       NI       ME          VG


Is the grammar and punctuation of the summaries generally correct?

IN       NI       ME          VG



APA Citations / Reference Entries                                                         /40


Is each source written in its correct APA Reference Page entry format?

IN       NI       ME          VG


Is there a correct APA in-text citation in each summary?       IN       NI       ME          VG


Total:                   =                  %


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