The Chapter focuses on Memos and Email



Read Chapter 10 of the May and May Effective Writing book. The Chapter focuses on Memos and Email. Memos are used in public accounting and most organizations. AS an auditor or tax Advisor you will you will be asked to prepare memos on various topics; to summarize procedures performed and to discuss resolutions of issues of colleagues and clients. In public accounting not only will you be expected to be proficient in accounting and auditing, but you must be able to effectively communicate written orally. Your Assignment is to prepare a 1-2 page memo. I will grade you with the assumption that you read chapter 10 above and followed the guidelines provided. It is recommended that you spend some time planning your memo; analyzing its purpose, consider the needs and interests of the readers and research the topic. finally you should ensure that your material is an organized outline to enable you to prepare a well-planned memo. Case : As a staff member of Norton Price, Cummings , CPAs, you have been asked to prepare a memo on materiality that will be circulated to all staff as part of the firm's continuing education program. It has been suggested that memo should cover the definition of professional skepticism and why the concept of professional skepticism is important when auditing. You should also discuss any other aspects of materiality you find important. write the memo as requested.

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