Written Case Analysis



I. Written Case Analysis Groups will develop a written case including the following:  Brief intro on direction of case  Mission/Vision - Identify and analyze impact/effectiveness of mission and vision and suggest improvements where needed.  Industry Analysis - Include key aspects of industry  SWOT - evaluation of key internal and external factors  Strategic Goals and Objectives  Recommended Strategies - in relation to G&Os  Implementation Plan - relevant business functions  Review and Evaluation - procedures for measuring success  Closing - re-cap and recommendation for other actions  References - in MLA format  Appendices: (strategic tools, charts, supporting data)  Internal Analysis tool (required)  External Analysis tool (required)  Appropriate tools for your case II. Presentation Groups will present the key aspects of their findings to the class. The presentation should provide a clear overview of case basics in a logical delivery. While you can be as creative as you want, the audience should have a good understanding of the following:  Mission/Vision - what the company stands for and where they are going  Industry - an understanding of the parameters of the industry in which they operate  SWOT - the key internal and external factors relevant to the case  Goals and Objectives - the items they should achieve  Strategic Recommendations - how they can achieve G&Os  How to successfully make this a reality  In presenting, keep in mind the standard format - tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, re-tell them what you told them - open, body, close.  Practice good group delivery of material.  Visuals can be anything you want.  Plan on 10-12 minutes for presentation with 3 minutes for questions. Note: We will have several cases presented so make sure you have thoroughly prepared your presentation. Rehearsing the case is crucial to the effectiveness of the presentation (content & process).

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