You will prepare two different resumes for two different job ads



You will prepare two different resumes for two different job ads (a total of 2 resumes). Each resume is expected to be carefully adapted to the job ad. Your resume will be based on your current skills, knowledge, and experiences (with one exception to be explained below). Suggestion for creating a good resume: Before making your resume, make a detailed list of all your jobs, extra- and co-curricular activities, college courses you have taken, volunteer work you have done, teams you have played in, etc. Then, under each item on the list, create another list of what you learned about collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, community engagement, good/bad workplaces, etc. (The list of what we learn from these experiences, if you take time to do it right, will be long.) Finally, reread the job ads and try to figure out what the advertising organizations really want and identify the skills, experiences, and knowledge from your activities that tie in with the position description and list expectations. Using an Alias: Please make sure you use an alias (first and last name) both for the name that appears inside the resume.

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