A structured report that assesses issues associated with immigration and migration



A structured report that assesses issues associated with immigration and migration. The report should involve research on the extent, nature and implications of migrant labour and discuss the opportunities, difficulties and challenges that this places on business, the economy and society as a whole. The overall topic should be "The positive impact of migration on native german employment" The report should be evidenced based and draw on data from recognized studies relating to immigration and migrant labour in the EU. Report Format: Abstract: Summary of about 100 words Introduction: Setting the context and outlining the structure and approach adopted in the report. Report of main findings from investigation: to include data and secondary literature as appropriate Discussion of main findings: including an assessment of implications for EU commerce and society as a whole. Conclusion and recommendations List of References: formatted in accordance with guidelines Harvard Style. Please use minimum 8, maximum 20 different references! Please use minimum 1/maximum 4 footnotes on every single page you write to give evidence.

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