The government has embarked the implementation of food for work



41. His protracted illness has reduced him a skeleton. (to, by, upon, into)

42. The government has embarked the implementation of food for work

programme (with, upon, at, into)

43. They talked the matter for many hours without arriving at any

conclusion (on, upon, about, for)

44. He was totally innocent the crime. (about, with to, of

45. He will not succeed he works hard (unless, until, in case, if)

46. We will have to atone our misdeeds. (at with, on, for)

47. Can you recognise me (in, on the photo? You must be the one

(in, at the back. No, I am the one standing _(in, at the corner.

48. It says

(in, on) this letter that I must join on the 2nd. It is

on) the first page of the booklet.

49. My sister is at (at, in) a wedding (at, in) Bengaluru.

50. I saw a face (in, at) the window. It is only your reflection (on,

in) the glass.

51. The junior doctors are all (on, in) strike against their senior doctor.

He was responsible for their loss (of. for) marks (in, on the


32. The manager is away (on, in) a trip. He will return (by.

on) the 2 'O'clock train. The news was a shock

(to, for) him. The

police want to speak (to, with him.


Grammar: Articles and Prepositions


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53. Dave carpenter know value of money. He ground the idea

his son Steve. But Steve did not listen his father. (into, a to,

the, an)

54. On little islet nearly stands old temple. Next to it grows a pair

banyan trees. The bats hang the branches of these trees. (a, of,

an, in, from

55. After couple of months the real culprits were discovered, bats.

After dusk, huge bats come swarm and cling to the tender coconuts.

They gnaw in tender flesh and have their fill of coconut water. (the, a,

of, in, into)

56. Finally Dave got up and went Steve's room

was in darkness.

But he could see outline of Steve's body the bed (the, into, a,



on, for)


57. Obi woke up next morning among the ruins his work. That day

the white supervisor came inspect the school and wrote nasty

report on the state of the school premises. ( a, an, of, the, to)

38. When we look science today, it appears as organized and specialized

human activity. This aspect science is just 300 years old. In olden

days artisan. priestor magician of a particular society was

also working as a scientist. (of, at, an, a, the)

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