A fact sheet is a concise yet detailed document, designed to be as reader-friendly as possible.



WRIT 200: Fact Sheet Assignment (25%)

Due: December 8 by 11:59pm


What is a fact sheet?


A fact sheet is a concise yet detailed document, designed to be as reader-friendly as possible. The purpose and intended audience for fact sheets may vary, but one thing they have in common is they seek to inform the audience and focus on a single topic.


As with any workplace documents, you always need to keep your intended audience and purpose in mind as you research, outline and write your fact sheet. Everything—from its layout and design, to the information you include—will depend upon your audience and purpose.


Organization and Design


Fact sheets include visual and design elements that engage the reader’s interest and make it easier for them to read and understand the information.


Your fact sheet should feature design elements like


·         Headings and sub-headings,

·         Lists in parallel form,

·         Bolded or coloured font,

·         Short paragraphs, and

·         An appropriate use of white space.


Incorporating Research Into Your Writing


Your fact sheet represents the culmination of your research into your chosen workplace issue. The information you present should be drawn from at least five credible and relevant sources. This means that your sources should provide a depth and breadth of information, include a reference list or credible hyperlinks, and should not be fact sheets themselves. This assures the reader that the information you provide is current, accurate, and authoritative.


Even though they draw on research sources, fact sheets do not quote these sources directly. Instead, they are written using summary and paraphrasing. In other words, they present ideas from the research sources, using original wording and sentence structure.


However, every time you include facts and information from your research sources, you need to cite the source using APA methods.



APA Citations and References List



Your fact sheet must include appropriately formatted in-text citations and references in APA style.


Please refer to the APA materials and resources linked to on Blackboard under “Learning Materials.”


Please note that Fact Sheets that do not provide an in-text citation for each fact, idea or piece of information taken from a secondary source will not receive a passing grade.





The content of your fact sheet should reflect your purpose and speak to your intended audience. Please refer to your initial research questions (Process Portfolio 13) and the headings you generated in your Progress Report to organize your information. Consider what your audience already knows and what they need to know in order to understand your fact sheet and for it to achieve its purpose. As a general rule, 5-8 headings are appropriate for a fact sheet of this length.


Style and Tone


Your fact sheet should demonstrate the principles of professional style and tone; aim for writing that is conversational, clear and concise.  To review these principles, please see Module 2 under “Learning Materials.”




Your fact sheet should be 2-3 pages, including the References list.


Submission Guidelines


     Upload a draft your fact sheet to Blackboard, under “Assignments” in advance of the due date

     Use SafeAssign’s “Originality Check” to review your fact sheet for unoriginal paraphrase or lack of proper citation. If there are problems with originality or citations, correct these and resubmit to Blackboard.

     Attach a cover sheet that includes your


     workplace issue

     intended audience

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