Produce a research project on a topic of interest. Your main goal is to discover a deeper truth about a topic, and clarify that discovery to others. Begin with a complex research questions that will lead you to analysis and evaluation; use your answer to that question to build a strong thesis. Integrate academic sources and personal insight into the body of your essay, which display both evidence of research and your own critical thinking. You are tapping into the expertise of others while discovering your own perspective. Carefully document all research.


-Minimum of five full pages (plus a Works Cited)

-Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12

-Minimum of four sources: must include three library database sources (such as CQ

Researcher, EBSCO Host). Evidence of all four sources is required. Any other sources

may be used in addition to these four.

-Documentation of all sources used, including internal citations in the body of your

essay, and a Works Cited page (non-annotated).

-Follow MLA style

Possible topics for research project – You are not required to choose from this list

1.What is the impact of illegal immigration on American society? The American economy?

2.Should casino gambling be legalized in Texas?

3.Should marijuana be legalized for medical use? For all uses? - "leaning more towards this topic" 

4.Should assisted suicide be permitted? To what extent should individuals have the protection of the law and the assistance of the medical establishment in terminating their own lives?

5.What is the importance of voting in America? Should the election process be revised?

*If required sources cannot be found, I'll implement them myself depending on the topic.

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