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Programme: Early Childhood Development and Family Studies

ECFS1006: Curriculum Development & Assessment in the Early Years

Assignment Title: In-Course Test

Due Date: April 1, 2017 @ 11:55 p.m.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all questions; type your responses in RED. When you

are finished, upload to the Assignment # 4 drop-box.

SECTION A: Select the correct or most appropriate response. Highlight your

response in red (1 mark each)

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1. The curriculum is considered the _____ through which the teaching and

learning processes take place.

a) knowledge

b) conduit

c) curricula

d) route

2. Which of the following theorists would put forward the view that children

will repeat behaviours they see adults engaged in?

a) Lev Vygotsky

b) Jean Piaget

c) B.F. Skinner

d) Howard Gardner

3. Which of the following theorists would you associate with the view that

“children can see, remember and repeat behaviours”?

a) Howard Gardner

b) Jean Piaget

c) John Locke

d) Erik Erickson

4. The central element of this curriculum model is the “plan- do-review


a) Emergent Curriculum

b) Project Approach

c) High Scope Approach

d) Montessori Approach

5. Which type of play allows children to sit in the same play area and use

similar toys but not play together?

a) Cooperative play

b) Parallel play

c) Solitary play

d) Associative play

6. Children are turning play objects into real life situations.

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a) Imaginary Play

b) Symbolic Play

c) Parallel Play

d) Cooperative Play

7. Which list of actions will best develop fine motor skills?

a) Running, climbing, balancing, hopping

b) Laugh, chatting, describing, talking

c) Singing, dancing, listening to music, designing

d) Colouring, cutting, scribbling, rolling dough

8. Which list of actions will best develop gross motor skills?

a) Mixing, experimenting, classifying, combining

b) Cooperating, sharing, praying, caring

c) Skipping, dancing, throwing, kicking

d) All of the above

9. An outline of activities during the time the centre is in operation is referred

to as the

a) daily activities

b) daily objectives

c) daily schedule

d) daily assessment

10. Children must engage in activities throughout the day that will promote

their ________________ development.

a) cognitive

b) socio-emotional

c) physical

d) all of the above

11. The steps outlined to accomplish each activity scheduled for the day are

referred to as _________________.

a) procedures

b) routines

c) outcomes

d) skills

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