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Select at least one document from each category of assignments (Applicant Texts, Business Texts, Management Texts, and your part of the Group Report). Revise these assignments. Write a reflection memo that explains why the revisions were made, how they improve the assignments, and your strengths & areas for growth for all 12 Course Objectives using evidence from the assignments included in the portfolio

How to write this assignment:

  • Use the instructor’s feedback and your own judgment to revise the four pieces of writing.
  • Select your strongest work and make it even better
  • Revise both global issues (e.g. organization, argument, evidence) and surface features (grammar, style, diction).
  • The reflection memo should do the following:
  • Begin with a short paragraph (about 3 sentences) describing the purpose of the memo
  • Include sections that group the 12 course objectives from the syllabus
  • Give examples of revisions you made and explain how they show your strengths with some of the course objectives. Explain how the revisions improve the assignments.
  • Include other examples from your writing to show areas you plan to work on in the future to improve
  • End with a final paragraph that applies the Threshold Concepts for Writing Transfer to explain how you might apply the skills and knowledge from this class in future writing situations.
  • Talk about your writing. Do not include in the reflection comments about the course, instructor or your fellow students.
  • Final portfolio document should have a table of contents and the documents should be in this order: Reflection memo, Applicant Text(s), Business Text(s), Management Text(s), Group Report excerpt. Except for the Group Report, include the full text of all documents not just the parts that you revise. Upload to Populi:
  • One .pdf file with all final versions of the documents
  • One .docx file with all final versions of the documents
  • One .docx file with track changes comparisons between the original and revised documents

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