Electronic Medication Management Systems



Create a comprehensive plan to select, design or develop, and implement an emerging healthcare information system or technology for an organization. First research and select one emerging system or technology. Analyze and describe the factors you used in making your selection. Then apply your selected system or technology to a medical environment and provide an in-depth description of the system or technology. In your description, include how this system improves either overall quality or performance for the organization or helps to transition existing processes toward more patient-centric care. In addition, summarize the ethical or legal considerations the healthcare organization needs to address when implementing the new system.

Create a 2500-3000-word implementation plan. Word count does not include the title and reference pages. Research, assessment, conclusions, and recommendations must be substantiated by at least five scholarly or professional journal articles in addition to corporate and other fact-based publications written within the last five years cited in-text and referenced in correct APA format. No abstract required. Write in the third person. Submit your plan by clicking on the assignment link above.
Once your implementation plan is complete, create a 10-15-minute narrated presentation that provides a summary of your selection process, the chosen system or technology, and plan for implementation. Create your slides/screens in a professional, aesthetically pleasing manner (not too many words per slide; proper and legal use of images, etc.). The narration must be professional, easily heard and understood. To keep the narration concise and succinct, create a written script. APA format throughout and a reference slide are required. Your audience is the affected department and hospital administrators, etc. This presentation is a professional summary of your implementation plan, not a reading of your actual plan.


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