Engineering Design and Workshop Technology skills are considered to be of high importance for the modern engineers.





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BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Design

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Alexandros Siasos

Mediterranean College, Tutor office, 6th floor

Tel: +30 2108899600



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Engineering Design of a Mechanism


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Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3




Engineering Design and Workshop Technology skills are considered to be of high importance for the modern engineers. The module in scope aims to the understanding of the procedures that have to be followed during the development stages of a new product. Thus, given specific customer requirements, students will be given the opportunity to develop and built a new product.

Students will be assesed through two written asignments that are to cover the procedure of product design and manufacturing of a mechanical assembly. Also, manufacturing skills will be taken in consideration as workshop equipment will be used for the prototyping of the developed product.

The present assessement sheet covers the following learning outcomes:

1.    Develop a design specification that establishes customer requirements.

2.    Develop and understand a design report with design concept, evaluation of concepts and selection of optimum design solution.

3.    Utilise and use computer technologies in the design process.

Thus, students will be given a specific set of customer requirements and appropriate actions should be taken in order to carry out the procedure of Engineering Design of a product that covers the given requirements. At the end, an Engineering Report has to be given in order to describe the actions that have been taken in order to overcome the intermediate stages of Engineering Design. Also, detailed Engineering Drawings will be included at the Engineering Report. The Engineering Report should have a length of 1500-2000 words.

Engineering Design Scenario and Initial Customer Requirements

Your customer, a toolmaker asks you to design a tap wrench that is appropriate for use with standards metric taps in the range of M3-M8.

(Note that the product is shown just for reference. Your product should respect the given specifications)

Your customer‘s manufacturing capabilities include injection molding of plastic parts, machining and precision ginding.

You are alowed to design anything you want as long as the designed product can be manufactured in-house. Also, you should consider designing the tap wrench respecting the manufacturing related issues involved in the economic mass production of the designed product.

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