Engineering Problem Solving (CHEN.3170) Homework Assignment



Applied Engineering Problem Solving (CHEN.3170) Homework Assignment #4b -- Fall 2019 FD solution of BVPs and Plotting 2-D Temperature Distributions Problem #1: Simple 2 nd order BVP Consider the following linear variable-coefficient BVP: o f xy'' 2y' xy  0 with y( )  y 1 and y()  y 1 2    Develop a FD solution to this BVP and graphically compare to the exact solution over the domain π/2 ≤ x ≤ π (the exact solution was derived via the Power Series Solution technique): y(x) sin x 2co  s x 2x   Do the two solutions compare well? Is your FD solution very sensitive to the number of unknowns, N, used in the problem?

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