Enterprise Network Design

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Homework #4

Enterprise Network Design


You will be designing an on-campus internetwork for new large university that has been proposed. The

University will have dozens of buildings, all within a very close proximity to each other. Use the

University of California, Berkeley Campus as a model for your design. You can find their campus map

Note: Your design does not need to include any buildings south of Durant Ave.

Your diagram needs to include several hub sites, interconnections between the hubs sites in a partial

mesh network, full-mesh or ring network design for redundancy. Each building needs to have three

network connections (minimum) to the hub site – one for wired networks, one for wireless networks

and a third for the Voice Over IP telephone system.

Each “named” building on the map needs to be included in your network design. Larger buildings will

need twice the network capacity (six connections instead of three).

Select Your Network Hub Sites

Your network hub sites will need to be selected from the list of named buildings. Choose hub sites from

the larger buildings rather than the smaller ones. Diagram your fiber network routes between a hub site

and each of the buildings it serves. Each of your named buildings will connect to ONE and only one hub

site. You will need to pick how many hub sites you need and distribute the load of the number of

buildings served between hub sites. Because the cost of installation of the fiber between buildings is

high (underground construction), you want to keep the distance between the buildings and the hub sites

to a minimum. Select between four (4) and six (6) hub sites to complete this design.

Interconnect your Network Hub Sites

The network hub sites need to be interconnected to provide redundancy. Choose between a Full Mesh,

Partial Mesh and Ring topology. Diagram your inter-hub site network both on the map and with a

logical network diagram. Provide a diagram for the routing of the physical fiber connections across the

campus from one hub site to the ones that it is connected to. Make sure to avoid major obstacles like

major roads, bodies of water, etc.

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