ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR The macro-environment forces




Answer Customer Value Funnel questions #1 and #2 see attachment for Enterprise Case Study. Apply ALL  of the macros- and micro-environmental factors to Enterprise --you are permitted to make reasonable inferences or assumptions if these factors were not expressly addressed in the case and though not required, you are permitted to cite outside sources if you wish.  

Case analyses should be about 4-5 pages of text

Do not answer end-of-case questions on p. 245 for Enterprise!

the specific questions to be used in analyzing the Enterprise case are as follows: Q1, the macro-environment forces, societal-cultural, demographics, economy, physical-natural, political-legal and technology; Q2, the micro-environmental forces, i.e., collaborators, competition, suppliers, regulators.  You are required to address all of the macro and micro-environmental forces in the CVF (only levels I & II) when preparing the Enterprise case. 


Instructional guidelines and grading rubric for this assignment posted below:

VIII. Course Assignments - The Details


Case studies depict actual situations faced by managers in dynamic industries. A case analyst acts as

a consultant. You offer marketing/business expertise and objectivity. Your challenge is to assess the

market environment and design appropriate strategic responses. 

Grading criteria include the depth and insights of the environmental and strategic analyses and the use of

customer value concepts. Case analyses should be about 4-5 pages of text (you are welcome to add

attachments) and should be analyzed using the Customer Value Funnel (CVF) Approach described in

your text—also see rubrics for both cases below. In your analysis, answer the specified

CVF questions - do not answer the end-of-case questions!

Additional CVF Guidelines

1.  Case grading is based on 50 points - 25 for each question (2 questions per case are assigned).  Grading is

     based on the depth and insights of your responses. See grading rubrics A & B.

Address ALL parts/sub-questions for the assigned questions (Value Funnel questions Q1 and Q2 for case one).

3.Provide relevant, detailed case-specific discussion (CVF) for ALL bullet points for assigned

   CVF level(s) - as applicable to the part of the CVF you are analyzing.

4. Avoid restating facts, lifting passages, or using "filler" material. Analyze the case!

5. Provide specifics throughout your analysis, use examples as needed.

6.  Clarify levels in the CVF, identify where one begins or ends through sub-sections, numbering, or

     transition sentences (avoid "blurs").

7.  Provide sufficient details for all levels. For example, a paragraph or two won't get it done for the

    macro or organizational levels.

8. There is no need to do additional research for the cases (although you may do so if you so choose -

    remember to cite outside sources). You have the basic facts in the case studies; realize that no case contains

    ALL of the vital information, so feel free to make reasonable assumptions and inferences in your analyses.


Below are the grading rubrics for the case analyses.

Grading Rubric A (Case Analysis 1)

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