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Entity-relationship diagram. Total 2 Problems

ERDs should be drawn with entities, relationships, attributes and primary key of each entity, and

cardinality of each relationship. Avoid using foreign keys as attributes of an entity if possible.

Note that primary key of an entity is not always specifically given. Since each entity must have a

primary key, you must give each entity a primary key even if what the PK may be is not

specifically spelled out in the data requirements.

Web ERD Drawing Tools:

A good tool to use is ERDPlus.com. You can get a free account. It’s very easy to

draw ERD using that tool. After you have finished drawing each problem, screen

capture it and copy-paste it to a Word document. Submit one document that

contains answers to all problems. (From ERDPlus.com, you can click on the little

triangle under Diagram button and choose “Export Image.” Please do not submit five

individual PNG files; it would add a lot of processing time for us. Please put all your

drawings in one document).

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