Environmental Analysis

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Week 3: Assignment

In each week, the learning assignment is designed to demonstrate your competence with the

Terminal Course Objectives of the course. Prior to working on the assignment, you should read

through the week’s chapters and lecture.

Clearly identify your work with your name, the date, the week number and the assignment

name, and upload work to the Dropbox.

The questions are designed to probe the higher levels of thinking and learning, such as

analyzing, evaluating, and creating, and so there often are no correct answers. Instead of

focusing and who wins or loses the case, you should analyze, evaluate, and create alternative

solutions to the various issues presented while arguing and debating the connections

between business, law, politics, and ethics.

Terminal Course Objective: E

Video Case Study: Environmental Protection—Environmental Victory


Watch the video case study and then write a one- to two-page reflective paper (double

spaced) on the following questions while discussing the connections between business, law,

politics, and ethics.

1. The idea of global warming has not been universally accepted. Discuss how the law must

balance competing scientific opinions and make decisions in light of uncertainty. How should

this be done?

2. Discuss the different stakeholders who have concern in this situation. What are their

interests, and which stakeholder should have the priority position?

3. Environmental law is both federal and state-controlled. Discuss the effect on state

regulations if the federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, changes

the standards for air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

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