ESL Inc. is a large company that has been using a series of spreadsheets



ESL Inc. is a large company that has been using a series of spreadsheets, access databases, and manual records to keep track of the majority of the organization’s internal and customer data. They have grown significantly over the years and are now looking to you to provide a comprehensive solution for all their data storage needs. While they are willing to hire staff to maintain whatever system you propose, they have an expectation that data will be able to be mined and made useful for various areas within the company. For this portfolio project, you will create a proposal that addresses the organization’s needs by recommending the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This project will require you to reflect on and use knowledge gained not only in Module 8, but also in all of the previous module lectures and reading assignments. I. Overview (1 page): Provide a brief abstract in narrative form of the contents of this proposal. II. Proposal (5-7 pages): Describe what type of SQL Server you recommend, your suggestion for installing it, and the minimum system requirements. Describe how you would ensure data security. Explain how you would monitor the performance of the database. Describe what type of backup plan you would recommend for the proposed SQL Server. Identify which process/tool you would use to integrate the new SQL database with their existing systems and how you would use this process/tool. Explain the biggest risk to the proposed system and how you would address this risk. III. Conclusion (1 page): After laying out your proposal, describe the three main reasons why you would recommend SQL Server 2012 as the solution for ESL, Inc.

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