Essay on Muslims as an ethnic group

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For my topic of discussion I have selected to talk about, Muslims as an

ethnic group that I am familiar with. Due to the current affairs that are happening

globally, I felt that gaining a better understand of the Muslim culture. I am familiar

with some of the culture but wanted to understand why there is so much hatred

towards Muslims as a whole. 

I am highly aware that there are big differences

between Muslims and Christians, just as any religion would have differences in

relation to another. I feel in my spirit that it would be more gratifying to explain not

only the differences but to also find some similarities as well.

            There are different classifications of Muslims. It stated that the classes of

Muslim are, “liberal, interpretive, modern, moderate, Sufi, and folk Islam

(Mohammed, 2015, pg. 334).” Just as there are different classes of Muslims

there are also different classes of Christians. The denominations are as follows:

the Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Protestant, Presbyterian, Amish, Quaker, and


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