Based on the articles make a claim about Technology and its impact our society. This claim should be based only on what was read in the articles.

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1.  Read articles attached first.

2.  Based on the articles make a claim about Technology and its impact our society.  This claim should be based only on what was read in the articles.  This is a MUST:  The claim must be made about how Technology has an affect on society.

3.  Paper cannot be more than 300 words (the claim and the paragraph). 

4.  Each technology claim paper should begin with a statement or claim (a proposition) about the reading for that module (Articles 1 and 2).  

5. This proposition should take the form of one or two sentences typed and underlined at the top of your paper.  

6. Next, you should write a paragraph supporting your proposition.  

7. This paragraph should ONLY incorporate information from the reading (Article 1 and Article 2), but should also contain analysis and interpretation of those readings by you.

8.  Do not use other references to back up your claim.  Only use information from Article 1 and Article 2.

9. APA format required in-text citations and reference page.

10.  Please use words describing the technology impact on society.

11.  Here is an example of a claim paper describing technology's impact on society:

We are an information society that is becoming more globalized due to technology. Cities are becoming the center in which we send and receive important information to each other. These cities are like control centers that “are able to coordinate, innovate, and manage the intertwined activities of networks of firms”, says Castells. Technology has made it more convenient for us to share data and information. We can see this type of phenomenon happening more in modern times as more and more workers are unable to go back to the office or are opting to work from home due to the pandemic. Before, Castells says that working from home was only practiced by a small percentage of people. Advanced technology allows information to be scattered about the world. Studies have shown for some countries, an increase in employment and investment rates. In metropolitan areas, there is more power and skill in comparison to a rural area. These areas are places that you find people to help your business expand and grow. Global cities help connect us with the world in a process that “connects advanced services, producer centers, and markets in a global network, with different intensity and at a different scale.” Philip Cooke’s study shows how regions and localities don’t disappear, but instead, become part of the global network. Saskia Sassen argues that cities function in four new ways which are: “as highly concentrated command points in the organization of the world economy, key locations for finance and for specialized service firms, sites of production, and lastly, as markets for the products and innovations produced.” Cities aren’t just a place for people to coexist and inhabit, but it is a process, as Castell emphasizes in his text. Technology just makes it easier for cities and their people to expand globally.

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