Evaluate the ERP integration challenges

computer science


1.Read the integrated case study on GBI (starting on page 15 of the text book) and follow the instructions for a complete understanding of the company profile. 

2.Complete the following:

Step 8: Determine feasibility of an ERP integration within the “to-be” (3 pages, 30 points)

Step 9: Evaluate the ERP integration challenges (2 pages, 40 points)

3.APA Compliance (see below, 20 points)

 All CIS511 papers must adhere to APA style standards including the following:

Double-spaced, 1” margins, title page (includes course number/name, your name, my name, Strayer University and the submittal date), three peer-reviewed references in addition to the text, in-text citations of references, all text in Times New Roman size 12 and a reference page called “References”.  If you include a Table of Contents, make sure it includes page numbers. 

Download Attachments: 
CIS511_GBI 2.0 Company Story.pdf 

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