Evaluating the relationship between the Liveware (Individual) components by evaluating the group dynamics present in the chosen accident.



This is the third part of your cumulative Course Term Paper Assignment. The first part of your assignment was to choose an accident from an approved list and to write a summary on that accident. In the second part, you delved deeper into the specifics of the accident by looking at the role of the Liveware (Individual) component. In this third part, you will be evaluating the relationship between these Liveware (Individual) components by evaluating the group dynamics present in your chosen accident.
During this part of your term paper, Part III – Group Dynamics, you will continue to research and revisit the events of your chosen accident. However, in this part, you will be looking specifically at the accident from the point-of-view of group dynamics which is the relationship between the individuals of the group. Some of the factors of group dynamics that you may consider include boundaries, norms, status, authority, adaptability, performance feedback/monitoring, coordination, and interpersonal relationships. It should be noted that we will be exploring communication, decision making, situational awareness, and leadership/followership in later modules. In these subsequent modules, you will have an opportunity to explore these specific factors in more detail. In this phase of the project, you should explore the above-mentioned topics or group dynamics in general.Your analysis of the role of group dynamics in your chosen accident should be at least two pages (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font with 1 inch page margins). Your analysis should focus on the most important examples of group dynamics in the accident – at least two – and does not have to evaluate all of the examples of group dynamics that were present. As mentioned above, you should save examples focusing on communication, decision making, situational awareness, and leadership/followership for later modules.As with Part I and II, you must document the independent research that you have done utilizing American Psychological Association reference and citation format. You must cite all of the factual information that you include in your summary as well as concepts that are not your own unique, individual thoughts. You should include at minimum one reference (in APA format) in the word processing document that you submit. This reference will be in addition to previously cited references.
This is a written summary assignment of an approved accident. The student will be issued full credit for the assignment if he/she:
Completes the written analysis of group dynamics in the chosen accident by the due date and submits via Turnitin.com
Provides a comprehensive summary of at least two group dynamics examples in the chosen accident
Provides a response equaling at minimum two pages (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins)
Includes citations to document unoriginal work and factual information
Includes at minimum one APA formatted references used in composing the analysis (separate from those that were provided in Part I and II)
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Liveware individual.docx 
The Accident Summary.docx

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