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GB533: Salesforce Management

Unit 2

In order to build an effective sales force, the right people must be recruited to do the job. The case study for this week focuses on the importance of choosing the right person for the job. The hiring process warrants a lot of preparation and planning. In this case study, you will take a look at an organization that recruits candidates for sales positions exclusively from business majors at one or two universities which are located in regional areas. Lately, the company’s recruiting efforts have not yielded enough recruits to fill its open territories. It is critical to understand the importance of recruitment; therefore, you will be asked to evaluate the recruiting practices and to decide what changes should be made, if any.

Case Analysis

Case 5-2: “Computer Services Corporation: Improving the Recruiting Process”


During each week, you will be required to review a case in the textbook applicable to the learning concepts applied during the unit. The case studies that have been selected are varied and comprise almost 30% of your total grade.


The cases will be graded on the format information presented:

  • 20%: Statement of the problem and summary of facts
  • 30%: Analysis
  • 20%: Recommendations and rationale
  • 10%: Conclusions
  • 20%: Answers to any significant questions incorporated within the study, writing quality, and flow including grammar, structure, APA formatting, clarity of expression, and outcome logic along with persuasiveness

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